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Serving the area since 1992, military discounts available.

Instead of relying on some stranger, get your tree pruning completed by Asheville, NC native Alfred Kyne and East Valley Tree. Alfred and his longtime staff have been serving the area since 1992. You will always deal directly with Alfred, a respected member of the community.

Get tree service from your neighbor and friend

Protect your property from falling limbs

Let us keep your tree under control to protect your property from falling limbs. Avoid costly property damage. A heavy branch could hurt your car, your home, or even a person.

An overgrown tree can ruin your home's appearance

If an overgrown tree is blocking your driveway, infringing on a neighbor's yard, or is covering your sidewalk, give East Valley Tree a call. Let us get the job done quickly. We provide complete clean-up.

Arborist Pruning A Tree

Our roots run deep!

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